What is Food Allergy? Causes, Symptoms, Treatments

What is Food Allergy? Causes, Symptoms, Treatments

What is Food Allergy?

Food does not only fill our stomach, but nutrition and immune system also get stronger. But sometimes wrong food also causes disturbances in the immune system. This disturbance is called food allergy. Many times, dislike for certain things also causes food allergies.

Causes of food allergy -

Normally the body's immune system protects us from bacteriaviruses, or other toxic substances. But in some people, the immune system is disturbed by eating certain foods. This creates a disorder in the body.

However, the reasons for food allergies have not been clarified yet. But the reasons for this are mentioned in which antibodies of the immune system and histamine enzyme are produced from a specific food item.

Who have allergic reactions?

Generally, food allergy begins in childhood. Either food can be allergic to any food, but some substances are especially responsible for it like:

1. Egg
2. Milk
3. Peanut
4. Shellfish
5. Tree nuts
6. Wheat

Foods used for food-processing are also partly responsible for food allergy. The problem of food allergy is usually found in eating a fruit or vegetable.

Symptoms of Food Allergy -

1. Vomiting
2. Stomach pain
3. Facial, lips and swelling in the eyes
4. Nausea and diarrhea
5. Trouble swallowing
6. Corrosive in the body
7. Breathing trouble

Quick check -

Do instant medical examination when food allergies are found. Food allergy is confirmed when the body has high antibody levels. Whatever food has been allergic to, it is better not to consume that item. At least not until it is completely cured.

Risks of food allergy -

1. Critical Illness May Appear

2. Food allergies can cause anaphylaxis (whole body disorder), which can lead to life. Due to food allergy, asthmaeczema, and other disorders can also occur.

Treatment of food allergy - 

In the opinion of doctors, the only treatment for food allergy is not to eat the food that is allergic. If your child develops symptoms of food allergies, immediately consult your doctor.

How to prevent?

Mother's milk plays an important role in preventing allergic reactions in children's milk.
Normally, it is advisable to avoid anything that is allergic to you.

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